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Crystal Graziano, aka Precious Cosplay, is based in San Diego, California and has been cosplaying since 2005. Previously an attendee of conventions, she actually thought cosplaying was a bit weird at first! She soon discovered that the costumed fans were simply enthusiastically sharing their love for their favourite series and having far more fun than all the normally dressed folk.

Crystal’s very first costume was Aeris from Final Fantasy VII, made from items she already owned (a “closet” costume). She had such a good time as Aeris, she decided to continue the experience, and worked on creating her own costumes. She has appeared as Black Widow (Avengers), Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell), Fem Shepard (Mass Effect) and a gender bent “naked” Snake (Metal Gear Solid). She is currently painstakingly beading a costume to appear as Cersei (Game of Thrones) for this year’s Comic Con.

Her knack for drawing and sewing makes all the costumes she crafts for herself, and her husband, spectacular. It also caught the attention of the people behind Firefall, the upcoming free to play MMO. She was scouted to be one of their official sponsored cosplayers. Crystal cosplays as Mourningstar, crafted by Steve Wang’s team, and has sent her across the globe to different conventions to promote the game.

Apart from being obscenely talented at crafting costumes, Crystal is quite the amazing traditional artist. She is currently studying and creating lifeworks and you can find all her drawings and commissions on her deviantART page, for her drawings (deviantART button will take you to her costume account).

You can find more of Crystal’s art, costume progress and cosplays on all her socials below.

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