Dan Sarkar, mostly known as Danquish, Canadian born and based in Seattle, USA, and has been cosplaying since 2010. Having enjoyed the escapism and fantasy that dressing up in costumes brings from a young age, Danquish has made a hobby into a passion, tirelessly working on costumes and props.

As a youngster, Danquish often day dreamed about ninjas and robots. He would spend hours recreating the animes and cartoons he loved with lego and drawings. Halloween was his favourite time of year, as he could throw himself into making a costume. As an adult Danquish discovered the desire to dress up didn’t have to be restricted to once a year, and now he adroitly creates costumes and props year round for various conventions.

Danquish focuses mostly on ninja and robot characters. His favourite costume to date is Sam Gideon, in his Augmented Reaction Suit (from the game Vanquish) which took six months to create and won him Best Craftsmanship in the Novice category at Anime Expo 2013. Danquish has also appeared as badass versions of Sub Zero, Scorpion and Reptile from Mortal Kombat.

When he isn’t crafting wonderfully intricate props and costumes, Danquish enjoys hiking, trail riding and spending time with his shiba inus Ico and Shinji. You can find photos of his costumes, prop progress, and cute puppies, on his socials below.

Pictures of Danquish




  1. Fabian Herberholt says:

    Hello i have a question about the Zed Cosplay. How you do the Shurikens and the knifes? Which Material

    Good Cosplay
    Bye ;D

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