Janne Hemminki Rusanen, otherwise known as Elffi, is a cosplayer from Finland and has been attending conventions since 2006. He largely focuses on anime, and has travelled throughout Europe sharing his impressive costumes.

Coming from a very artistic family, Elffi’s love of crafting as a child meant that his eventual interest in cosplay came naturally to him. He makes all his own costumes; from wigs and props, to make up and sewing. His interests lie more in the armour and weapons of the characters he selects. Pushing the boundaries of cosplay and the human body are challenges Elffi really enjoys and he often makes the large, over the top weapons anime characters usually sport. His Vash the Stampede’s Angel Arm being over 4 metres long!

Elffi differs from most cosplayers in that he is very strict in his selection of characters he chooses to play. He prefers characters he feels an affinity to. Barnaby Brooks Jr (Tiger & Bunny) is the exact height, weight and age as Elffi, which made him a perfect choice. Some of his more notable costumes include Masrur (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic), Godot (Ace Attorney), Dracule Mihawk (One Piece), Gildarts Clive (Fairy Tail) and Jecht (Final Fantasy Dissidia).

His expertise in costume making and prop building, as well as his multilingual skills, has made Elffi a valuable asset to the cosplay community in the form of being a cosplay judge. He has been invited to many conventions to judge and host panels. He appreciates seeing the techniques others apply to cosplay, and learns a lot himself from judging.

Effli has studied Japanese (culture, history and language) and Business Management at university. He is fluent in Japanese, Finnish and English. In his spare time, Elffi enjoys going to the gym, playing the clarinet and saxophone, and classical singing. Elffi is always happy to share his cosplay and prop progression, even posting tutorials on how he does so. If you are interested in seeing his costumes and more, you can click on any of the links below.

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