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Ivette Puig, or Ivy as she prefers, is a cosplayer from Barcelona in Spain. She attended her first convention in 2005. After seeing all the costumes she decided to try cosplaying for herself, and hasn’t been able to stop since! Her passion for art and background in fashion design help her to create exceptional costumes.

Ivy finds that designing and crafting costumes relaxes her. She normally creates cosplays from the characters she adores from video games and anime. Her ambition is always evident in her costumes, spending many hours studying references, making sketches, creating patterns and sewing the outfit together. Her most difficult cosplay to craft, Ashe from Final Fantasy XII, used real metal for the armour pieces! It’s one of the characters she is most proud of making, along with her Lineage II Wizard.

Ivy has created over 40 costumes in the past nine years! Her most notable costumes include the Sheriff of Lynchwood (Borderlands), Natsu (Calibur V), Elektra (Marvel Comics), Lili Rochefort (Tekken) and Babydoll (Sucker Punch). Her designs and costume progression are regularly uploaded to her Facebook page (in both English and Spanish). Always setting her sights high, Ivy is currently working on Zyra from League of Legends.

Her fondness for cosplaying and the joy she experiences from drawing and painting ultimately lead to her decision to study fine arts and fashion. Ivy also finds entertainment from playing video games, specifically MMO’s, watching anime, reading manga, eating and napping. You can view more of her costumes and work in progress cosplays in the links below.

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