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KO Cosplay is based in New York, USA and has been cosplaying for three years. Originally a group of three, the name stuck after the group disbanded. KO started cosplaying after falling in love with Yoko Littner. Her friends suggested she get into cosplay after watching Gurren Lagann together, as they felt she’d be good at matching a lot of anime characters due to all the working out she did. She then ordered a costume online, fixed it up some, attended her first convention and loved it!

Cosplaying has since turned into a rewarding and challenging hobby for KO. She has described making costumes similar to figuring out a puzzle, enjoying overcoming the issues that inevitably arise when crafting one. Whilst cosplaying provides a great way for KO to express herself, and present her with exciting projects to work on, she primarily enjoys cosplaying and attending conventions for all the friends she has made doing so. Finding kindred spirits in fellow geeks in many people across the country means the world to her.

KO has completed approximately 30 costumes since she started in 2011. Learning from Google, Youtube and fellow cosplayers, she crafts all her costumes and props herself. She has a passion for video games and anime, and picks characters whose personalities she feels she connects with. Her “signature” cosplay to date, and her favourite, is Crimson Viper (Street Viper). KO plans to create all of the alternate costumes for her.  Most of the characters KO chooses are total badasses, including Mania (Marvel), Yang Xiao Long (RWBY), Laura Kinney (X-Men), Domino (X-Force), Selene (Underworld) and many, many more!

A particular aspect of cosplay that KO is known for is her Gijinka Pokémon (the Japanese term for humanising a character that is usually an animal or object). KO grew up playing Pokémon, whiling away many hours in every game to date. The Pokémon she picks to cosplay are types she has always loved. She has so far appeared as Wartortle, Suicune, and Rayquaza. Future gijinka versions she plans to make are Rapidash and Houndoom.

KO is an extremely busy woman! She spends a lot of time at work and in the gym, but during what little free time she has that isn’t dedicated to designing and sewing costumes, working on commissions and knitting items for her knit shop (does she ever sleep?!); she likes playing video games (RPGs and fighters being her favourite genres), reading manga and comic books, watching anime (typically while at the gym), rock climbing and horseback riding. Even in all this flurry of activity, she still makes time for regular social media updates. If you’d like to keep up with the latest from KO Cosplay, you can find her information below.

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