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Maki Roll is based in Maryland, USA and has been cosplaying for eight years. She attended her first convention at 15, after begging her Mum to let her go. The cosplayers were what stuck out for her. Seeing real life portrayals of characters she’d come to love made her want to do the same. The next convention Maki attended, she dressed up as characters with her friends, and from there her love of cosplay has grown.

She generally chooses characters that are strong willed, but still have sex appeal. She believes characters can be sexy, but still intelligent and a force to be reckoned with.  You name any badass character, Maki’s probably cosplayed it! Being naturally upfront and sassy, Maki can slip into characters that share those traits easily. Conversely, characters with more cutesy personalities are her weakness.

Maki’s costumes are incredibly accurate and astounding. She is most well known for her brilliant Storm (X-Men) costume, and has also appeared as Harley Quinn (Batman), Ryuko Matoi (Final Form, Kill la Kill), Jade (Mortal Kombat) Arcade Sone (League of Legends) and Catwoman. Maki has designed and created most of her costumes, and has made over 20 costumes to date. Her costumes take one or two months to create on average, depending on the level of complexity. Her most challenging costume so far has been Xth Form Black Rose, as it was the first time she tackled creating armour pieces.

One thing that sets Maki apart from her fellow cosplayers is her other hobby, burlesque! She has been performing for over a year, and stands out on stage by incorporating aspects of her cosplay performance into her acts, calling it “nerdlesque”. She has said she feels cosplaying helped her transition into the burlesque world, with cosplaying help to inspire her routines on stage. Her most popular burlesque act is Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas. Not one to shy away from a good performance, her costume includes a full-on burlap Oogie suit, fake bugs and all! She has yet to delve into the more classic burlesque routines, but it is something she has mentioned wanting to try.

When Maki does get time in between school, work, creating costumes, attending conventions and performing her burlesque routines, she enjoys going out dancing with friends, or simply spending time at home catching up on comics, watching anime or playing games. Maki began playing games at a young age, starting by watching her older brother play Resident Evil when she was only 8 years old! This is one of her favourite game series, as well as being a fan of Mortal Kombat, Fallout and Killzone. As for comics, she didn’t really get into the comic scene until she was in her twenties. A friend of hers leant her “House Of M” and from there she ate up as much as she could, particularly enjoying indie publishers. Maki also enjoy collecting things, namely Funko Pop figurines.

If you would like to keep up with Maki Roll, she regularly posts to all her socials, which you can find below.

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