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A veteran of the cosplay scene, Meg Turney has been cosplaying since 2002! A well-known internet personality, you have probably come across Meg somewhere along the wide web on one of the many shows she has hosted. She has presented for The Nerdist, TechKnow, SourceFed and more recently became a co-host of The Know (Rooster Teeth).

Meg grew up in a family full of gamers. Her Mum got her into World of Warcraft, and even her Grandma plays! Her two brothers would routinely hand her ass to her in Street Fighter, and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was one of the first games she ever beat.

She was bitten by the anime bug from a young age. Meg spent time at a friend’s watching Sailor Moon “until their eyes bled”. She is also a fan of Cowboy Bebop, enjoying the realness and the grit it brings.

Meg first learnt to sew from her Grandma, and makes all of her own costumes. Her favourite is the Chun Li (Street Fighter) costume that her Grandma made for her when she was fifteen. It even still fits after all these years! Like most cosplayers, Meg is influenced by her love for video games, anime and comics. She has appeared as Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop), Bulma Briefs (Dragon Ball Z), Elizabeth (Bioshock) and Black Widow (Avengers). Meg has also dabbled in “cross play” (genderbent cosplays), playing a Psycho from Borderlands.

When Meg isn’t hosting shows on Youtube, or creating costumes, she enjoys history (in which she has a degree), celebrity news, crappy television and spending time with her dog Penny and her kitten Smee. You can see more of Meg’s videos and cosplays in the links below.

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