Mighty Odango


Mighty Odango has been cosplaying for an impressive fifteen years! With over 100 costumes her belt, Odango is a veritable expert on all things cosplay.

Odango has always had a love for fabric and textiles, making cosplay the perfect hobby for her. She spends a lot of time (years even!) meticulously planning and sewing her costumes. Her beading and embroidering is very impressive and it certainly shows in the detail of her work. She is currently working on Sansa’s wedding gown (Game of Thrones).

Always up for a challenge, Odango likes pushing her boundaries in cosplay. This is certainly evident in her Laughing Octopus (Metal Gear) costume, or even having a crack at Mystique (X-Men) by making her own latex prosthetics. Always impressive, you have probably seen her Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona), Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur) and AntiChrist (Shin Bionic Soldier). If not, you have missed out and must rectify this immediately!

As she has a wealth of knowledge and experience on cosplaying and conventions, Odango makes the perfect person to be on a judge’s panel for cosplay. She has been judging cosplayers costumes at the London MCM Comicon since 2008. She is also a writer from MyM magazine, as well as the news editor for Cosplay Island.

Odango regularly gives cosplay advice on her Facebook page, as well as posting older costumes as a Throwback Thursday, to show other cosplayers her roots. If you would like to read any of her valuable advice, or view her costume progress, you can find everything in her links below.

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