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Since 2006 Raychul Moore has been a gamer, journalist and cosplay model. She wrote for GamePro and managed the website GameGirl before moving on to freelance journalism with publications on website such as Machinima, EGM, GameZone and GotGame, among several others.

In 2010 Raychul began making game reviews on Youtube, primarily to become “less camera shy” for GotGame. Thankfully her shyness seems to have abated and now we regularly enjoy her reviews, interviews, con coverage, top tens, and “Ask Raychul” videos, where fans can submit their burning questions.

As of this year she started gaming channel (RaychulPlays), playing mostly AAA titles. Though Raychul does not specialise in any one genre, she does have several favourite games, including the Bioshock, Uncharted and God of War series, Conker’s Bad Fur Day (what gamer among us doesn’t love this game?), and Eternal Darkness. More recently Raychul has been involved in a live gaming show on Machinima called Player vs Player, a weekly debate show that she co-hosts with Seth Hendrix and Deva Klein (you can find the playlist here).

Raychul has always been interested in costumes. Her mother helped to create her costumes as a child, her favourite being Rainbow Bright. These days she expertly makes her own costumes and props. Most denizens of the internet will be familiar with her Cammy White (Street Fighter), Babydoll (Sucker Punch), Kasumi (Dead or Alive) and the gender bent Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite) cosplays.

Apart from games and costumes, Raychul also enjoys collecting action figures, watching horror movies and making videos. You can find out more by following her on all the socials below.

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