The Artful Dodger


Isobel Murray, otherwise known as Artful Dodger Cosplay, hails from Brisbane; Australia and has been cosplaying since 2010. Her growing skills for making costumes that are both accurate to the character in question, or an interesting new spin on a beloved icon, has earned her some well-deserved international attention.

AD’s first costume was a last minute thrown together Ramona Flowers. She fell in love with the character when she saw the movie, and decided it was something she had to do. A friend told her about a local convention, and she decided to piece together a costume and attend. People loved her as Ramona, asking for photos or just wanting to chat about Scott Pilgrim VS the World. It was then AD realised how much she adored the community and her love for attending conventions and cosplaying was born.

The Artful Dodger has recently come up on the cosplay radar for her version of steampunk Ariel, based on HungryDesigns picture. AD used to watch the Little Mermaid religiously as a child, and spent a lot of time reading classic stories by Jules Verne and H G Wells. Once she saw Hungry Designs’ picture, she knew she had to bring it to life in cosplay. Despite her skills at the time being “minimal” (by her own admission), the Artful Dodger crafted the bracers, holster and Ursula’s voice charm, modified an old shirt, and cut and styled a wig to the relatively unrealistic Disney princess style to create an impressive, and creative, version of Ariel. The trident was commissioned by Nerfenstein Blaster Mods & Props, but the Artful Dodger hopes to one day be just as excellent in prop making.

AD’s exceptional cosplays have seen her travel about the east coast of Australia attending various conventions. She has appeared as Pixie (X-Men), Laura Kinney (X-23 from X-Men), Tauriel (The Hobbit) and Selene (Underworld). AD prefers to spread her time between projects so she doesn’t tire of any of them, which also means regular progress updates on her Facebook page.

When not bouncing between new cosplay projects, the Artful Dodger spends her spare time playing Borderlands, collecting weapons (for the eventual zombie apocalypse), enjoying bacon… and the occasional whisky. If you’d like to see what she’s working on, or the latest army surplus item she’s purchased, you can view them on her links below.

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