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If you’re viewing our site, then there’s a good chance you love video games, as well as the people who dress up as your favourite characters. Video games can be a fantastic way to make friends, escape reality, learn new skills and plenty of other things. However, we can all agree the one thing they’re relatively sucky at, is making women feel included.

One man in this industry has seen enough of this first hand, that he felt something should be done to shine a spotlight on the women of this trade. Marc Morrison, of 24KTstudios, has created a Kickstarter for a calendar that will feature 12 women of gaming. The women are from all aspects of gaming; pro gamers, programmers, cosplayers and journalists. Not simply a collection of images for gamers to admire, Marc has also compiled dates for major gaming tournaments, conventions and gaming related events.

This calendar is definitely something all gamers must have. Pictures of awesome lady gamers? Check. Highlights the achievements of said ladies in the gaming industry? Check. Dates for every major gaming related thing in one year? Check.

The Kickstarter has less than 24 hours to go, so check out the link below to score yourself a sweet calendar and give a little back to the amazing women of the gaming industry, while you still can!

The Kickstarter campaign is over, and was funded successfully at $7157!

Women of Gaming Kickstarter

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